Quality Policy

We aim to consistently provide friendly, flexible and high-quality service. SECORA’s Quality Policy defines our commitment to our clients as we strive to exceed expectations at every stage of engagement and service delivery.

We provide an unmatched quality of service by:

  • Investing time to know our customers and understand what is important to them;
  • Developing and implementing tailored systems and practices that comprehensively meet our customers’ unique needs;
  • Addressing customer queries promptly and efficiently;
  • Maintaining an ethos that is both friendly and professional;
  • Reducing bureaucratic processes while maintaining high levels of accountability and traceability;
  • Seeking feedback and analysing our own performance to improve internal processes and ensure ease of doing business with SECORA;
  • Maintaining flexibility and consideration of each customer’s individual requirements;
  • Providing a competitive fee structure;
  • Providing value-added outcomes in the delivery of services and all other dealings with clients;
  • Supporting the continual professional development our people to maintain a highly competent and motivated team;
  • Continually reviewing systems, processes and procedures to identify and implement opportunities for further improvement; and
  • Ensuring our systems meet the requirements of ISO9001, align with individual customer specifications and meet all legal obligations and standards.