01 Summary of Offering

We work with service-facing businesses across the breadth of the economy to implement efficient processes that increase revenue and return on investment, including in property development and management, healthcare, logistics, water and utilities.

We understand the importance of human capital in the services sector and facilitate changes to organisations’ structures and processes that improve experiences for employees and customers, and enhance workplace cultures.

Our team has specific expertise in supporting service providers to adapt to, and leverage, technological developments and changes in behaviours, platforms and regulation that have significant implications for the services industry.

02 Deliverables

Improving cost margins for logistics services

SECORA works with businesses undertaking high cost service delivery in low margin environments and provides them with greater accuracy and the ability to reduce errors. We facilitate improvements to logistics businesses – including through the automation of back-end services and recordkeeping – that reduce operational costs and cut down service times.

Enhancing value in property development and management

We use proven methodologies to review end-to-end processes for property developers and managers to pinpoint bottlenecks and wasted resources, and identify where pipeline improvements would deliver greatest value to businesses. SECORA implements new frameworks and standardised processes that reduce costs for property service clients.

Healthcare services

SECORA reviews and streamlines processes to remove wastage and cut waiting times across healthcare services, including for pharmacy dispensary, pathology, oncology and emergency room processes. With our support, healthcare service providers are able to reduce the length of stay for patients in care, delivering greater capacity and improving scheduling ability.

03 Clients

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