01 Summary of Offering

We have worked closely with navies and commercial marine businesses across the globe, using our team’s strong, technical understanding of maritime operations and resulting business requirements.

Our team applies its technical maritime knowledge to qualitative research to assess the unique circumstances for individual organisations, identifying root causes of issues and developing tailored and enduring solutions.

We work with marine-focused organisations to support complex project management and conduct organisational and operation reform. SECORA leverages high-tech systems and innovative approaches to deliver improvements in shipbuilding, vessel maintenance and upgrade, freight and port management.

02 Deliverables

Cost-effective maritime maintenance

We provide sustainable improvements to the maintenance, repair and overhaul processes for vessels. SECORA’s research and support enable maritime businesses to better manage the complex inputs to these processes, and deliver greater efficiencies and savings.

Enhancing maritime logistics

SECORA applies best practice in logistics coordination from across industries to improve processes and organisational structures for maritime businesses. We position organisations to adapt to digitisation and automation of logistics processes, improving coordination and reliability for businesses.

Leveraging technology for the maritime sector

We support organisations in the maritime sector to improve standards and find efficiencies by adopting technological advancements. This enables businesses to improve processes across the full range their operations, including in data collection and analysis, document management, supply chain and stakeholder coordination.

03 Clients

Royal Australian Navy