Defence and Aerospace

01 Summary of Offering

Our team has developed significant defence and aerospace experience over many decades and continues to work closely with government, military and industry stakeholders on the broadest range of issues, from technical to strategic.

We contribute to strategic reform across the Defence portfolio and have worked collaboratively with Army, Navy, Air Force and the Department of Defence to transform projects and processes.

SECORA’s deep understanding of the Defence environment and procurement opportunities enables us to support the full range of business interaction with the sector. We utilise best practice, innovative approaches and advanced technology from different industries to deliver enhancements in defence and aerospace.

02 Deliverables

Analysis of Defence contracts

We work with businesses to review Defence contracts, identify discrepancies and provide advice that ensure the best outcome. Our knowledge of Defence decision-making processes and strategic drivers enable SECORA to successfully align an individual business’s abilities and commercial considerations with Defence requirements.

Cost-effective aerospace maintenance

SECORA develops and implements sustainable improvements to aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul processes. Our research and support enable aerospace businesses to better manage the complex inputs to these processes, and deliver greater efficiencies and savings.

Comprehensive support for Defence submissions

We facilitate engagement with critical stakeholders and support businesses through Defence-led processes for grants, tendering and contract negotiation. SECORA provides specialised and detailed advice and coordination that helps businesses successfully navigate demanding requirements and develop high-quality submissions.

03 Clients

The Australian Army
Pratt & Whitney