About Us

Research and Development

Our investment in R&D gives SECORA the ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that significantly improve business operations and processes for our clients.

We understand the need for businesses to adapt quickly to changing requirements and market fluctuations. Through our R&D program and partnerships, we leverage advanced technologies and methodologies to equip clients with necessary agility and flexibility to navigate this requirement.

SECORA adopts a cyclical approach to R&D that allows us to scale up successful innovations, study their effectiveness and work with businesses to make continual improvements throughout the lifecycle of products and services. We design and develop approaches, test and implement, and study effectiveness to make improvements.

Our R&D program is supported by targeted partnerships with stakeholders who similarly value agility and entrepreneurialism, and bring a solutions-focused approach to the development of new technologies and methods. Our program enables business to progress from merely benchmarking themselves against peers to being industry-leaders, in a cost-effective way.

New Product Development

We conduct a thorough study phase to support the development of new products and start by determining the need for the product, its specifications, production costs and applicable timelines. We develop the product based on these requirements and in close cooperation with clients.

Product Assessment and Update

SECORA evaluates existing products and services to ensure they are still fit for purpose. We use R&D methodologies to resolve problems – for instance with malfunctioning or unproductive manufacturing processes – and implement necessary changes and upgrades. We work with businesses to set appropriate standards and assessment processes to deliver a consistently high quality of products and services.

Areas of R&D Focus

Specific areas of focus for our R&D program have included:

  • Process automation, including robotics, machine learning and cognitive intelligence tools
  • Asset management methodology
  • Data recycling
  • Virtual reality adaptation.