Quality Policy

It is the aim of SECORA to provide a friendly, flexible, high quality service that meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers in every respect.

We will strive to achieve this by:

  • Getting to know our customers, and understanding what is important to them;
  • Developing our systems and practices to better meet our customers’ needs;
  • Dealing with customer queries promptly and efficiently;
  • Developing an ethos that is both friendly and professional;
  • Reducing bureaucracy for our customers, whilst maintaining high levels of accountability and traceability;
  • Improving our internal processes so that it is easier to do business with SECORA;
  • Being flexible and remembering that each customer has their own individual requirements;
  • Ensuring our fees are as competitive as possible;
  • Providing value-added outcomes in delivering a service and in all other dealing with customers;
  • Continually developing our people in order to maintain a highly competent and motivated team;
  • Continually reviewing our systems, processes and procedures to identify opportunities for improvement and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Management Systems; and
  • Ensuring our systems meet the requirements of ISO9001, customer specific requirements and legislation.

This policy defines our commitment to quality, is known and understood within SECORA, and provides the philosophy upon which all our services are planned, developed, delivered and monitored.


Jonathan Sadleir

Chief Operating Officer

26th February 2018