Achieve improvements of up to 40% in Production, Maintenance, Fabric Integrity Management and Turnaround Planning & Execution.

Our Services in Oil & Gas

We partner with our clients, from Exploration to Cessation of Production, to achieve their strategic goals through the implementation of improvements that drive financial and operational results, with a focus on Safety. By engaging the client’s staff, we are able to create sustainable value that often exceeds what the client believed possible prior to engagement with SECORA.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


Health & Safety

Safety considerations are at the centre of every improvement we undertake. We ensure that we check for unintended consequences as part of any implementation of change.



Hydrocarbon Rationalisation Project – Oil Platform Lubricants

A 50% reduction in storage space; more than a 2,000L reduction in stored lubricants; 75% reduction in stock management time; 100% increase in inventory accuracy; and a 75% reduction in contamination issues. Plus, sustainable 5S in storage areas and significantly reduced safety risk.

Control Room Optimisation

Using fact-based analysis and prioritisation matrices to help ensure consistency of decision making in control room teams results in clear designation of responsibilities and escalation protocols, as well as rapid problem solving and issue resolution.

Shift Handover Process Optimisation

We optimise shift handovers and reduce the duration by 50% through a rationalisation of information transfer and a bottom-up needs analysis.

Isolation Logistics Optimisation

By working with crews and isolation planners to determine the best logistical flow sequence for isolations to be applied and removed, we cut isolation times by 25%.

Isolation Process Improvement

Using mistake-proofing and complexity-reduction techniques, we have improved the isolation process so much that it requires 25% less manpower to execute, as well as significantly improving the whole start-up of the maintenance task.



Quick Change Out for Planned Maintenance Tasks

By improving the process of changing the conveyor belt in operations, the team has achieved a sustainable 30% reduction in required downtime. An additional benefit is the increase in schedule adherence of +10%.

Field Service Efficiency

By improving the set up and execution of maintenance, we have achieved an average 8-10% increase in schedule adherence, resulting in accurate planning and scheduling plus a reduction in downtime.

Parts Availability

By focusing on increasing the effectiveness of parts and materials planning, ordering, tracking, picking and staging process, spares and replacement parts are available when required, resulting in higher equipment reliability and increased productivity.

Tool Time

Over and above traditional Time and Motion studies, teams use Lean methodologies to analyse Tool Time optimisation, resulting in an average increase of 30% productivity.

Overhaul/Service Time Reduction

Overhauling large gas compressors costs up to $1m and between 15-20w in downtime. We have managed to reduce the time it takes to overhaul a gas compressor by 60%, with service cost down by 40% and associated deferment reduction of 50%.

Maintenance & Repair – Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Focusing on High Pressure Washing, Blasting and Painting effectiveness resulted in an 89% cost saving of $20M, 86% reduction in POB and 75% reduction in project duration.

Equipment Damage Reduction & Operator-Driven Reliability/Autonomous Maintenance

Training, Coaching and Empowerment of operators results in an acceptance and willingness to change current practices to prolong equipment life and improve productivity.

Work Management Effectiveness/SAP & Oracle-Based ERP Systems

By mapping the current state and fit/gap analysis to the desired future state with key stakeholders, our Process Comparison approach helps achieve better alignment with corporate Work Management processes.

Turnarounds / Shutdowns


Shutdown & Outage Management

SECORA achieves total integration and increases Overall Shutdown Effectiveness (OSE). In terms of safety, cost, completion rates and duration, we have achieved a 30% reduction in required downtime and 1:200 ROI.

Turnaround Management (TAR)

SECORA reduces the duration of turnarounds by 20% through process and root cause analysis. In one case, we reduced our client’s cost by $70M.



Parts Availability

SECORA achieves higher equipment reliability and increased productivity by focussing on increasing the effectiveness of parts and materials planning, ordering, tracking, picking and staging process, and ensuring that spares and replacement parts are available when required.

Critical Spares Management

We combine the stakeholders’ engineering and maintenance knowledge with risk assessment and probability tools to develop effective stock profiles for critical spares, reducing inventory levels and express freight charges.

Stock Accuracy Optimisation & Inventory Reduction

Working with the Supply Team, we identify inventory trends and conduct root cause analysis on the most significant variances, resulting in more compliant inventory, less stock-outs and lower special freight and inventory costs.

Warehouse Layouts, 5S for Laydown Yards & Stores

We educate all users and stakeholders in Lean basics and 5S, involving them in the design and development of their future state, resulting in higher productivity, a 51% reduction in stock levels and significant improvements in HSE.

Counter Wait Time Reduction – Stores

SECORA focuses on the facts. We remove emotion and opinion from the process improvement and decision-making process to gain a 360° perspective that increases productive time for key users and reduces frustration for all stakeholders.

Procurement Process Optimisation

Stakeholders engage in the improvements and own the future state, achieving higher throughput of the procurement team with a 14-month turnaround time on production chokes reduced to 14 days, resulting in 4 million m³ of additional crude production.

Vendor Managed Inventories, Consignment Stores & Kanban Systems

Using state-of-the-art Kanban Systems, Consignment Configuration and VMI tools, we lowered the cost of supply for the entire value chain, with $20M in cost savings resulting from reduced stock-outs, special transport costs as well as minimal inventory and holding costs.

Fixed Plant Parts & Equipment Manufacturers

By embedding process management and QA systems at vendor organisations, we work collaboratively to improve performance in terms of quality, service, delivery performance and reduced cost of vendor goods and services.

Accommodation Utilisation & Turnaround Time Reduction

The optimisation process highlights the constraints in the process and removes them permanently by de-bottlenecking. This reduces the duration of planned refurbishment by 25% and enables POB spaces to be available sooner for production and maintenance activities.

Parts Management & Logistics

Mapping and gaining consensus on current state processes results in improvements that are sustainable. They are hard-wired into the business process framework to effect powerful change management.



Information Centres: Green/War Rooms

This allows daily decisions to be made, increasing the speed of executing milestones and, through better transparency, leads to a better sense of accountability, ownership and urgency.

Equipment Reliability Optimisation

Working together with A&I functions and Reliability Engineering, we use robust predictive analysis and process design tools to achieve availability increases of up to 20% plus MTBF increases of up to 30% while reducing overall cost.

Maintenance Capacity, Simulation & Modelling

Going beyond the traditional spreadsheet approach, we use mathematical simulation and modelling to achieve accurate calculation of maintenance infrastructure capacity and the ability to run What-If scenarios.

Maintenance Strategy & Total Maintenance Effectiveness (TME)

Using the specially developed SECORA TME Tool, the entire scope of work and total investment in maintenance is analysed, prioritised and measured resulting in alignment of resources and priorities to maximise the maintenance ROI, with average improvements of 20%.

Set Up & Implementation of the Toyota Production System (TPS)

SECORA uses internal Toyota Alumni to roll out the TPS for customers and their supply chains, resulting in a fully-functional implementation of TPS including the philosophy, behaviour, attitude and intent as well as the physical optimisation tools.

Lean Implementation – CSG Upstream Gas Factory

Underpinned by Lean manufacturing principles, implementation of standardised work processes creates a standardised operating environment for the maintenance and operations of a CSG production system.



Standard Problem Solving

SECORA’s A3 Problem Solving methodology is used to equip maintainers with problem containment, escalation and basic root cause analysis skills, resulting in a reduction of repeat failures of equipment and improved maintenance performance.

Maintenance Basics

SECORA ABI methodology is used to train personnel to take a different approach to their work, resulting in an exponential increase in effectiveness and motivation.

Set-Up Reduction – Well Moves, Well Hook-Ups, Rig Moves, Water Wash, Crude Oil Cooler, Valve Isolation

By adopting and training operators in Pit Stop principles, we provide a standardised approach to set-up, maintenance and operations at the well head.

Effective Work Teams

The SECORA approach combines organisational design, process design and change management in operational and administrative areas to achieve higher levels of individual accountability and transparency within workgroups, creating a high performance culture from Leadership down to the front line and back.

On-Site Services: Installation, Trades, Scaffold, Cleaning, etc.

We work onsite to train service providers in Lean basics to improve performance and embed a continuous improvement philosophy in terms of quality, service, delivery and reduced cost of vendor goods and services.

Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events

After problem definition, scoping and data collection, we work directly with the people who do the work, at their place of work, using the Kaizen approach. This is a three-day focused event covering VSM, team-building and tools, with 80% of the solutions being implemented within the event.

Our Clients in Oil & Gas

SECORA is actively engaged in the Oil & Gas Sector in APAC, North America & Europe and have worked on projects with BP, Shell, Chevron, Hess and Arrow Energy. 

Meet our Oil & Gas Specialists

John Grout

John Grout, Partner

John founded SECORA Australasia with Mark Taylor in 2006 and has consulted for clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Professional Services sectors. John comes from senior executive operations positions having spent 15 years in the automotive and defence sectors. His strengths include advising clients in Lean methodologies with particular emphasis on operational effectiveness, asset utilisation, cost reduction, work management, organisation, project management, restructuring and strategic planning.

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