Achieve up to 30% increase in productivity through our focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Our Services in Mining

SECORA’s 100 years’ experience in engineering, asset management and Total Maintenance Effectiveness (TME) can help you with safety and productivity, in addition to cutting spending, implementing best practice, streamlining processing, maximising efficiency and reducing costs. We can also engage your staff with Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

By increasing availability and utilisation rates, SECORA will work with you to clearly define ROI in both productivity and payback.

Maintenance & Engineering


Field Service Efficiency

By training crews in planning, preparation and mistake proofing, we improve set-up and execution of maintenance – achieving an average 8-10% increase in schedule adherence and increasing field service team job satisfaction.

Service Bay Pit Stop

By improving organisation, logistics and communication in the service bay, as well as training relevant staff in Lean/TOC methods, service times are cut by up to 50% and thus mobile equipment fleet size can be reduced.

Quick Change Out for Planned Maintenance Tasks

Using the Lean Quick Change Over (QCO) approach to map, analyse and improve belt change processes, the SECORA implementation team achieve a sustainable 30% reduction in required downtime – and increase schedule adherence to +/-10%.

Optimum Workshop/Stores Layout

Working with 5S trained maintenance crews to design and develop the optimum layout for a service bay significantly reduces service times, and results in a safe, clean and well-organised working environment.

Work Management Effectiveness/SAP & Oracle-based ERP systems

By mapping the current state and fit gap analysis to the desired future state with key stakeholders, SECORA’s process comparison approach helps achieve better alignment with corporate Work Management processes.

Maintenance Logistics Optimisation

Combining logistic excellence with maintenance experience to improve maintenance and shut logistics, our ‘best of both worlds’ approach results in improved safety and maintainer productivity.

Maintenance Capacity, Simulation & Modelling

Going beyond traditional spreadsheet approach, we use mathematical simulation and modelling to achieve accurate calculation of maintenance infrastructure capacity and the ability to run What-If scenarios.

Parts Management

By working with the key stakeholder groups to understand the end-to-end process, SECORA teaches organisations to manage the critical supply, maintenance and operations interfaces, resulting in right parts at the right quantity at the right place and the right time; and less politics, frustration and confrontation.

Parts Availability

Focusing on increasing the effectiveness of the parts and materials planning, ordering, tracking, picking and staging process, SECORA helps businesses ensure spares and replacement parts are available when required, resulting in higher equipment reliability and increased productivity.

Shutdown Cost Reduction

Using both a data view and a process view, SECORA identifies and validates the most significant variable cost drivers for total shutdown cost, reducing shutdown costs with increased planned work hours at a payback on project rate of 3:1.

Shutdown & Outage Management

Working together to achieve total integration, key members of SECORA embedded in the shut management team help increase Overall Shutdown Effectiveness (OSE) – in terms of safety, cost, completion rates and duration.

Wrench Time

Over and above traditional Time and Motion studies, SECORA uses Lean methodologies to analyse tool time optimisation, resulting in an average increase of 30% productivity.

Maintenance Strategy & TME

Using the specially developed SECORA TME Tool, the entire scope of work and total investment in maintenance is analysed, prioritised and measured – resulting in alignment of resources and priorities to maximise the maintenance ROI.

Information Centres/Green Rooms

We develop sustainable Information Centres based on a needs analysis of the critical information employees need to do their job, improving the communication and efficiency of crews and reducing avoidable frustration.

Standard Problem Solving

SECORA’s A3 Problem Solving methodology is used to equip maintainers with problem containment, escalation and basic root cause analysis skills, resulting in a reduction in repeat failures of equipment and improved maintenance performance.

Lean Maintenance Basics

SECORA’s Applied Business Improvement (ABI) methodology is used to train personnel to take a different approach to their work resulting an exponential increase in effectiveness and motivation.

Drill, Blast, Load, Haul, Dump


Effective Work Teams

The SECORA approach combines organisational design, process design and change management in operational and administrative areas to achieve higher levels of individual accountability and transparency within workgroups, creating a high-performance culture.

Truck Spotting

On top of the technical training and guidelines, SECORA’s method of slowly building agreement and communication across multiple shifts leads to better interaction between loading and truck operators, resulting in reduced time for truck exchange with the additional benefit of a higher percentage of trucks in required payload zones.

Excavator Damage Reduction & Operator Driven Reliability

The SECORA process removes the personal and emotional elements to allow a factual investigation into problems and root causes, resulting in acceptance and willingness to change techniques to prolong equipment life.

Underground Mining - Hard Rock & Coal


Lean Conversion: Visual Management, Info-Centres, Standard Problem Solving, Workplace Organisation 5S, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping

By comparing the operating environment in an underground mine with an automotive factory – work cells, tight logistics, etc., we achieved significantly higher productivity and manpower motivation across all operations.

Lean Logistics Analysis – Roof Bolting Optimisation

Using principles from the automotive industry designed to error-proof the job and balance the tasks between workers, we increased advancement rates over and above industry benchmarks.

Hoist Availability & Utilisation Improvement, Kaizen – Rapid Improvement Events (RIE)

Using Kaizen methodology in a facilitated one-week RIE workshop focusing on a highly-regulated piece of bottleneck equipment, we reviewed the elements of a statutory inspection through a logistic efficiency lens, resulting in 20 minutes extra availability per day or 165,000 additional tonnes of hoisted ore per year for zero capital investment.

Processing & Refining


Control Room Optimisation

Using fact-based analysis and prioritisation matrices to help ensure consistency of decision making; clear designation of responsibilities, escalation protocols, rapid problem solving and issue resolution became the standard operating condition for the control room.

Stockpile Dozer Effectiveness

By determining root causes for underperformance with work crews, we create a fully-engaged team working together on a common best practice for operation – focused on the objective of performance improvement.

Port & Rail Operations


Throughput Simulation & Modelling

By applying mathematical simulations to Port & Rail capacity modelling, SECORA conducts a realistic constraints analysis for highly complex systems, which includes random events like weather and interactions.

Shutdown & Outage Strategy

SECORA helps Ports, Loaders and Rail System Operators develop dynamic outage strategies, preventing them from becoming blockages in the overall supply chain, avoiding demurrage and penalties for capacity losses.

Workshop Optimisation: Rail

By taking a team based approach and real 5S principles, we help rail operators increase safety, productivity and employee motivation by facilitating the design and development of a highly efficient, sustainable workplace environment.

RCM & FMECA Training

Our three-day RCM and FMECA course provides the background knowledge, skills and teaches the practical application of these excellent engineering tools. The course demonstrates the interrelationships between RCM and FMECA and how it can be used to apply a cost effective, strategic approach to the maintenance of assets. After the training, students will be able to actively participate in Equipment Reliability Optimisation projects.

Equipment Reliability Optimisation

Working together with Reliability Engineers, we use robust predictive analysis and process design tools such as FMECA, TRIZ and DFSS to achieve availability increases of up to 20%, and MTBF increases of up to 30%, while also reducing overall costs.

Complexity Reduction Projects

By adopting and training operators in Lean principles, removing non-value added steps and going back to basics, we provide a simplified, standardised approach to critical tasks in operations.

Technical Services


Drill & Blast Efficiency – Logistics And Process

Our process improvement project focused on the logistics and organisation, rather than the purely technical elements such as fragmentation, resulting in greater productive time for blasting crews and improved on-time blasting performance.

Mine Planning

By analysing the Weekly Production Plan and isolating the parts the users actually need, we help the Mine Planning team to re-configure internal processes resulting in better interaction between planning, maintenance, production and service teams.

Special Project Management, Work Pack Optimisation & Supplier Development

For a delayed project, we scoped and managed over 50 work packages that went to external suppliers. Our experienced team got the project back on track, cut costs, removed the workload and worry, and advised on risks and barriers to achieve. The work packs were delivered on time, under budget and the internal capability of the client’s team improved.

Supply / Supply Chain Management


Parts Management & Logistics

Mapping and gaining consensus on current state processes results in improvements that are sustainable because they are hard-wired into the business process framework, and become a powerful change management tool.

Critical Spares Management

We combine the stakeholders’ engineering and maintenance knowledge with risk assessment and probability tools to develop effective stock profiles for critical spares, reducing inventory levels and express freight charges.

Stock Accuracy Optimisation & Inventory Reduction

Embedded in the Supply Team, our experts identify inventory trends and conduct root cause analysis on the most significant variances, resulting in more compliant inventory, less stock-outs and lower special freight and inventory costs.

Warehouse Layouts, 5S For Laydown Yards & Stores

SECORA educates all users and stakeholders in Lean basics and 5S, involving them in the design and development of their future state, resulting in higher productivity, reduced parts recovery time and a sustainable system for managing large areas.

Counter Wait Time Reduction – Stores

SECORA focuses on the facts. We remove emotion and opinion from the process improvement and decision-making process to gain a 360° perspective that increases productive time for key users and reduces frustration for all stakeholders.

Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events In Stores & Stockyards

Following problem definition, scoping and data collection, we assemble an empowered team for a facilitated high-energy workshop that results in sustainable step-change improvements in under-performing areas.

Procurement Process Optimisation

Together with key stakeholders, we map and highlight gaps in the current process and organisational interfaces. Stakeholders engage in the improvements and own the future state, achieving higher throughput of the procurement team and lower cost per transaction.

Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI), Consignment Stores & Kanban Systems

Using state-of-the-art Kanban Systems, Consignment Configuration and VMI tools, we lower cost of supply for the entire value chain, with reduced stock-outs and special transport costs as well as minimal inventory and holding costs.

Services Supplier Performance Improvement (Tier 1 & 2)


Fixed Plant, Spares & Equipment Manufacturers

By embedding process management and QA systems at vendor organisations, we work collaboratively to improve performance in terms of quality, service, delivery performance and reduced cost of vendor goods and services.

On-Site Services Installation, Trades, Scaffold, Cleaning etc.

We work onsite to train service providers in Lean basics to improve performance and embed a continuous improvement philosophy in terms of quality, service, delivery and reduced cost of vendor goods and services.

Accommodation Utilisation & Turnaround Time Reduction

The SECORA optimisation process highlights the constraints in the process and removes them permanently by increasing availability of accommodation, lowering cost and reducing workforce frustration.

Field Equipment Assembly Time Reduction & Standardisation

SECORA calculates target assembly times from first principles rather than taking current under-performance to determine a baseline, resulting in step change improvements which customers find hard to believe.

Our Clients in Mining

SECORA is actively engaged with Mining clients in Australia and the Asia Pacific region producing Iron Ore, Coal, Gold and Copper. These Clients include BHP Billiton Metallurgical and Thermal Coal, BHP Billiton Iron Ore and Barrick Australia Pacific and Fortescue Metals Group.

Meet our Mining Specialists

John Grout

John Grout, Partner

John founded SECORA Australasia with Mark Taylor in 2006 and has consulted for clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Professional Services sectors. John comes from senior executive operations positions having spent 15 years in the automotive and defence sectors. His strengths include advising clients in Lean methodologies with particular emphasis on operational effectiveness, asset utilisation, cost reduction, work management, organisation, project management, restructuring and strategic planning.

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Mark Taylor, Partner

Mark founded SECORA Australasia with John Grout in 2006 and has consulted for clients in the Mining, Defence, Utilities and Professional & Financial Services sectors. Mark is a former Partner of Ferrier Hodgson, Chartered Accountant and Restructuring professional. Mark has advised clients on system wide restructuring and re-organisations, productivity improvement, cost reduction, process efficiency and business case development in Australia, the APAC region and Europe.

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