Environmental Policy

It is the aim of SECORA to continually strive for reduced emissions and impacts on the environment.

We will strive to achieve this by:

  • Planning travel in a manner to reduce environmental impact;
  • Seeking technological advances within the business in order to reduce the volume of paper generated and energy consumed;
  • Recycle inks, paper, cardboard and plastics within the office;
  • Manage our energy usage;
  • Ensure we remain legally compliant to legislative requirements;
  • Using localised resources where possible; and
  • Ensuring staff are fully trained and aware of our commitments to the environment and how their role has an effect on our objectives.

This policy defines our commitment to the environmental, is known and understood by all within our company, and provides the philosophy upon which all our services are planned, developed, delivered and monitored.


John Grout

GM / Founding Partner

21st December 2015