Minimise costs, maximise efficiency and increase the speed of turnover to reduce lead times by more than 50%.

Our Services in Construction

Integrated project delivery and Early Contractor Integration (ECI) & engagement
The challenges of ECI can be overcome through a series of effective initiatives. These include upfront project road mapping, project/delivery team training and empowerment to enable collaboration, maximise modularisation, offsite construction and design simplification.

Systems integration and change management
Our project delivery framework ensures on-time, on-budget and quality outcomes. We achieve this by defining processes, such as document control, project controls and finance, and aligning stakeholders at the outset of a project. Our framework lends itself to the utilisation and integration of BIM technology to link large, diverse and potentially remote project teams.

Increasing construction project management capacity
For our project management client, we identified over 50 major improvement opportunities and 10 quick wins by using mapping techniques to make the process flows transparent. Using our prioritisation tool the top 10 projects were targeted for root cause analysis), business case development, proof of concept and implementation. A 10% increase in team capacity was achieved as well as standardisation which enabled the client to plug-and-play a new operating system into new start up markets.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA)
Utilising DfMA techniques, we facilitate processes to standardise and modularise designs to reduce the number of parts and improve the ease of fabrication. This is applied to create and optimise Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction and Pre-Built Units Modularisation, transferring work offsite to significantly reduce lead time and the cost of construction by up to 70%.

Value engineering
We utilise value engineering to review scope and design specification choices to remove complexity and reduces capital expenditure. Cost reductions of 10-15% are achievable by analysing the project from a functionality perspective and substituting current options for more cost-effective outcomes.

Supply and logistics assessment
Utilising the SECORA Logistics Bridge Concept can determine supply chain, logistic cost and quality improvement potential. The concept is designed to ensure that correct supply is delivered to the correct location at the correct time. An end-to-end review of the logistics functions is followed by a cleansing of the stock on hand. An efficient and streamlined bridge between suppliers, stores and the required destination can then be created.

Lean Construction implementation
By adopting Lean Construction as the chosen approach for the delivery of construction and infrastructure projects, we can build internal capability and realise sustainable construction productivity improvements.

Lean Construction maturity assessments
We help to understand the efficiency of a project’s current delivery practices and we can identify future potential opportunities for improving cost, schedule and quality performance. Our Lean Construction assessments can be scaled to provide a high-level overview or a deep understanding of the entire delivery organisation.

Lean Construction training – Building Information Management (BIM) integrated
As a recognised training organisation, we can provide quality training to enhance capabilities in all stages of project delivery. Building client capability is an integral part of our approach and essential for developing a sustainable implementation capability. We offer customisable training, either on a stand-alone basis or incorporated into our facilitated integrations. Unique to SECORA is the ability to instruct on the integrated implementation of both BIM and Lean tools and techniques.

Lean Construction intervention
We mobilise special resources rapidly to intervene in distressed projects. In applying a tailored approach for each project’s unique circumstances, we reduce project cost and duration and address quality issues.

Lean Construction intervention, example 1:
Schedule problems in a high profile and extremely complex commercial building renovation in the CBD meant that project cost was forecast to exceed budget by five times. With our involvement, the issues were contained and the project was delivered exceeding the original budget by two, despite an expanded scope of work.

Lean Construction intervention, example 2:
Delays in a $0.5Bn Product Loading Jetty resulted in forecast cost over-runs of 30% and jeopardised the sustainment of critical path for the start of volume production. Using basic Continuous Improvement (CI) tools to implement short interval control, improve accountabilities, transparency, targets and communication, corrective actions were implemented and the Start of Production (SOP) was achieved on time.

Lean Leadership Training
The implementation of Lean processes and tools do not automatically result in successful project outcomes. The key enabler is Lean Leadership and the creation of a Lean Culture. We help to train and coach Lean Leaders within an organisation to be the ‘champions’ of Lean transformation. These Leaders will promote a waste minimisation mindset among project stakeholders and drive a systemic view to planning and execution.

Productivity Improvement Programs
Owners are becoming increasingly frustrated by the low levels of productivity observed within the construction industry. As a result, we are observing increased Owner weighting on the implementation of innovative delivery methods and strategies which will maximise project flow and customer value. SECORA designs bespoke productivity improvement programs which reflect the Voice of the Customer and ensure internal sustainability and scalability.

Frontline Labour Execution
Frontline labour execution is often characterised by low productivity, high levels of rework and a lack of workplace organisation. SECORA works alongside frontline crews to analyse the current state and implement productivity improving solutions whilst training and coaching client teams for wider implementation. Solutions range from the implementation of visual management and controls to the re-engineering of planning and execution task sequencing. Results include a 20-30% increase in labour Tool Time and a 10-15% decrease in labour costs.

Advanced Work Packaging
SECORA’s Joint Venture with Construct-X enables us to support construction clients as they build their Advanced Work Packaging, digital engineering and data analytics capabilities. Advanced Work Packaging is a project execution methodology that has been shown to reduce total installed cost by 10% and deliver a 25% improvement in Tool Time. AWP puts in placed robust processes and team structures that ensure the systematic alignment of engineering and procurement deliverables with the needs of construction and commissioning stakeholders. The outcome is constraint-free work packages and enhanced project oversight and agility.

Supply Chain Continuous Improvement
Poor synchronisation of the supply chain is often the root cause of project delays or issues. We work with Managing Contractors to identify and develop long-term supply chain relationships and implement improvement programs. These programs integrate systems and processes, increase information and work flow and facilitate collaborative learning and innovation. The outcome is ‘win-win’ for both parties with decreased supplier cost outweighed by increased repeat work and margin protection.

Construction 4.0
The construction industry is set to be disrupted and transformed by the next wave of digital innovation. SECORA is able to support clients on their digital journey and ensure that they maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. This includes the capture, integration and display of data to ensure information driven and predictive decision making to drive efficiency, cost and productivity benefits from design through to facility management. SECORA is currently working with a major digital platform provider to provide construction productivity and efficiency benefits and enhanced customer value from the generation of a ‘Digital Twin’.

Off-Site Construction & Prefabrication
Significant project schedule, quality, labour and safety benefits are being obtained through off-site construction and prefabrication. SECORA has been supporting one of Australia’s largest construction and property groups from the beginning of their off-site construction journey. Our provision of Lean Construction and Lean Manufacturing expertise has guided and de-risked the development of their prefabricated timber facility and ensured the industrialisation of their construction capability.

Improving turnaround times of retirement living units
We were engaged to assist a major property developer to diagnose its unit turnover process, which was taking up to 12 months from a vacancy to re-occupation. As a result, costs were escalating, capital was tied up and derivation of revenue delayed. Working with an Integrated Project Team consisting of client subject matter experts and SECORA personnel, we made transparent the current state, identified constraints and defined solutions. The organisational and process flows were re-designed to minimise cost, maximise efficiency and increase the speed of turnover for the units which lead to a potential reduction in lead time of over 50%.

Our clients in Construction

SECORA is actively engaged with Construction clients in Australia. Clients include Jones Lang Lasalle, NCIG, Sydney Water, State Water, the Royal Australian Navy, the BCA Singapore, BHP Billiton and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

Meet our Construction experts.

John Grout

John Grout, Partner

John founded SECORA Australasia with Mark Taylor in 2006 and has consulted for clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Professional Services sectors. John comes from senior executive operations positions having spent 15 years in the automotive and defence sectors. His strengths include advising clients in Lean methodologies with particular emphasis on operational effectiveness, asset utilisation, cost reduction, work management, organisation, project management, restructuring and strategic planning.

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